Rick Doblin discusses Stanislav Grof’s impact on psychedelic therapy with Danish shaman Jacob Moth.

We are all aware that we are living in a very unique and special time on planet Earth. So much is at stake, that we sometimes can feel overwhelmed. Are we gonna make it?

One of the most promising signs that we are going to make it, is the blossoming and unfolding psychedelic renaissance which is happening right now. Why?

The biggest tabu which the western culture is under the influence of, is the tabu against knowing who we are. This tabu has led to the feeling of being separate from others, from Nature and from Cosmos. This feeling of separation is by many researchers and psychiatrists seen as the single most root cause to human suffering, and the root cause why we live so much out of balance with mother Gaia and Nature.

Psychedelic substances are by Stanislav Grof called “the medicine of medicines par excellence”. This is because one powerfull psychedelic experience in the right setting with the proper support, the right shamanic sound technology and proper guidance, can induce a deep experience of Oneness and a deep initiation into mysterium tremendum (“awe inspiring mystery”).

This experience is the single most transformative and healing experience you can have. It is an experience which once and for all removes the feeling of being isolated. It removes anxiety, fear and also deep psychological pain. 

One man who is famous among all psychedelic psychonauts and who has dedicated his whole life to get psychedelic substances legalised to the benefit of all humans and the planet, is the founder and director of MAPS – Rick Doblin.

In the summer 2021 Stanislav Grof turned 90 years old. To honour him and his outstanding work we dedicated our annual Magic Festival to Stanislav Grof. We invited several international pioneers in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and psychedelics to participate in this event. Among them was Rick Doblin. 

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