The Enigmatic Archipelago

16 October 2021

Ecaterina and I met each other on 15 October 1999. Just before we started the ceremony Friday the 15 October 2021, we realized that we had planned a ceremony on the 22nd anniversary for us being lovers. That was a bit special. 22 is a very sacred number for us, as there are so many numbers 11 in our lives that it is mind-blowing, to put it mildly.

But during this ceremony, it became obvious that this was the absolute best way that we could express our deep and intimate love relationship. 

Constantly aiming for optimizing the musical output, I had devolved new ways of recording my shamanic drum kit totally pristine. I found a way where I muted all other sounds while I recorded the various rhythms, bells, rattles, drums, gong, and so on. 

My right arm started to heal during the summer. Even though it was not yet 100% flexible, so much healing had taken place that I during this ceremony finally could perform on the acoustic guitar again.

Ecaterina and I were so very much in alignment during this ceremony. It was as if our long love relationship just wanted to be expressed this day.

The music for this journey is perhaps some of the best we have ever performed. It is playful, loving, dynamic, very creative, with multiple layers, lots of two voices, very shifting, like traveling between various islands at a nice and smooth pace. It is virtuous, it is simple, surprising, light and deep at the same time, and full of surprises.

A month before I had been on a trip with our son Buddha in the Swedish Archipelago and the nature there had made a deep impression on me and gave me inspiration to the title for this ceremony.

When you listen to it, you can keep in mind that it is recorded and performed in one go. There has been no editing afterward. Everything is exactly as it was performed live during the ceremony. Honestly, we feel proud to be able to conduct and perform such complex and original music and modern shamanic sound technology for 6 hours straight.

If you are going to initiate someone for their first time in the psychedelic world, this is a wonderful place to start.

Dear friend, we hope that you will enjoy these new albums and benefit from them too.

We are curious to know what experiences they will guide you to. You are most welcome to share your experiences and insights with us by replying to this mail.

We appreciate so very much having you in our tribe and onboard our spacecraft, and we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts all our co-creation. We can only maintain and keep our cosmic space station up and running with the help and support from all of you.

As we are getting closer to the end of this year, I will on behalf of my excellent team and crew onboard on the spacecraft say thank you for a blast of a first-year with our new and final membersite platform.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Light, love, magic & blessings,

Captain Moth – Ecaterina & The Magic Garden Team

Axis Mundi · The Enigmatic Archipelago