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  • Access to monthly Ceremony Live streams
  • Access to monthly Full Moon Concert Live streams
  • Access to "Secrets of Tarot" 16 hours in depth about Tarot
  • Access to Music Library (100’s of original music tracks)
  • Access to Content Library (Lectures, behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A’s, Concerts, Ceremonies)
  • Download of audio book - 'The Land of The Nocturnal Butterfly'
  • Download of Jacob’s book - 'The Land of The Nocturnal Butterfly'

What Members Are Saying:

Sanne Louise Hansen

My profound adoration for the music and melodies crafted by Jacob and Ecaterina. Their compositions are nothing short of transformative and enchanting to me. They hold the power to transport me into a state of healing, where my mind and spirit are liberated to embrace heavenly realms.

Guided by their harmonies, I journey inward to my deepest self and outward to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, enveloped in a profound sense of divine love and light that permeates my being.

Remarkably, their healing tones have even worked wonders on my ailing body, bringing about a sense of restoration and rejuvenation.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my deepest gratitude to these beautiful souls for the magic they conjure together.

Sanne Louise Hansen